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One Dessert Five Ways: The Pumpkin Loaf

One Dessert Five Ways: The Pumpkin Loaf

"Please make this pie look like a professional did not make it. I'm trying to impress my mother-in-law and want her to think I baked it myself." - Anonymous customer we wholeheartedly support

Ah, the holidays. We're entering the season for foodies. The next six weeks will be a marathon of gatherings and parties, most centered around food, camaraderie and tradition. Whether or not we admit it, it's a time of year to show off - or fake - our culinary prowess.  

Our selection of pre-made Cakes & Confections will surely allow you to fake it till you make it. But what about the gratification that comes with rolling up your sleeves and taking ownership of your dish?

Herein lies a few ways to impress your guests with just a wee bit of work. In our home kitchen, we're always making use of leftover breads and pastries from the bakery. Last Thanksgiving, we did a little experimentation with our beloved Pumpkin Loaf. By subbing this seasonal bread where one might otherwise use pound cake or brioche, we stumbled upon a slew of festive confections! Here are our favorite ways to transform the Pumpkin Loaf into an entirely new treat with just a little bit of elbow grease. 

Pumpkin Cake Truffles

There's something about individually-sized cake truffles (or add a stick to transform into cake pops) that pleases the child in all of us. Use our Pumpkin Loaf rather than leftover cake and coat in a cream cheese frosting for the perfect holiday dessert bite!

Pumpkin French Toast Sticks

The glory of fried cake! Use our Pumpkin Loaf as your bread base and have Tonewood Maple Syrup on hand for dunking. 

Pumpkin Bread Pudding

A giant dish of Bread Pudding is perfect brunch fare. You know the drill, swap in our Pumpkin Loaf in lieu of bread. Add apples, dried walnuts, and a touch of maple syrup to transform this dish for fall.

Pecan Pumpkin Trifle

Trifles are classic British desserts with layers of cake, fruit, and whipped cream or custard. Using our Pumpkin Loaf makes the recipe turnkey and don't forget to soak the cake in your favorite libation - the Brits aren't afraid to douse each layer with Brandy (though we like nice American Bourbon).

Salted Pecan and Pumpkin Ice Cream Cake

Substitute Pumpkin Loaf for vanilla pound cake and apples or pears for strawberries. For ice cream, we suggest Jeni's Bourbon Salted Pecan Ice Cream, or if you don't have access to specialty ice cream, use your favorite Butter Pecan Ice Cream. Finish with a drizzle of Persephone Caramel Sauce or Nutella.

Our Pumpkin Loaf is available in the Cafe to sample by the slice and can be ordered online throughout the holiday season. The best part about this experiment? If you run out of time, serve the Pumpkin Loaf as is with pride. We won't mention it's Persephone Made.