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Gingerbread Tiny Home <br>Kit Tips

Gingerbread Tiny Home
Kit Tips

We couldn't agree more with architect Mies van der Rohe when he said "Less is more," which is why we created the Gingerbread Tiny Home Kit. Less square footage than a traditional gingerbread house, but just as darling (if not more so)!  

Each kit includes seven Persephone Bakery made gingerbread pieces to form the building blocks of your petite abode.  Also included in your kit are edible holiday decorations, crystal snow and a powdered sugar packet for piping your frosting glue.


How to make and use your frosting:
Pour the powdered sugar in the small ziplock baggie into a small bowl.  Add 1 teaspoon of water and vigorously mix together until you get a thick paste-like consistency. Use a small spatula to collect the frosting and put back into the small ziplock bag. Seal your frosting into the bag and cut a tiny bit of the tip of a bottom corner. You now have your "piping bag" and will squeeze your frosting out of this tip to decorate your gingerbread tiny home.

We hope you have fun getting crafty this holiday season, and please share your inspiration by tagging picture of your tiny gingerbread house with @persephonebakery and #GingerbreadTinyHome