For the last 14 years, Persephone and Picnic have loved being a part of people's fundraising auctions, local initiatives, and community causes. However, the volume of requests, and the time and resources needed to handle those requests is no longer sustainable. 

Persephone & Picnic will no longer be offering in-kind donations including gift cards. In place of those in-kind donations, Persephone & Picnic are thrilled to announce our increase of community support as a co-challenger of the Old Bill's Fun Run.

We are very grateful to be a part of this special town.  Our success has been a product of community support and as business members we feel it is our duty to contribute to the many organizations that uplift our community.  We feel as an Old Bill's CoChallenger we are best able to contribute to the good happening in all corners of our magical valley.

If your organization is not already registered with Old Bill's we encourage you to learn more HERE.

What is an Old Bill’s CoChallenger?

(From CoChallengers are a special group of individuals and businesses who donate to the Old Bill’s match pool. These gifts are not earmarked for specific nonprofits, but are used to match the community’s donations. Led by Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, who donate $500,000 annually, CoChallengers give at levels of $25,000 and up.

CoChallengers’ generosity inspires increased community giving and is key to Old Bill’s success. CoChallengers can proudly call themselves community leaders who promote charitable giving and intrinsically value philanthropy. Combined with community-wide efforts, they highlight the tremendous work of local nonprofits and appreciation of that work.