Our menus source from over 20
local farms, dairies and ranches.

About Us

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We live as we bake and we bake as we live:
With heart, hard work and creativity. 


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Our Sourcing

Persephone Bakery Pastry Sourcing


Every day at dawn our bakers create rustic hand crafted breads and pastries to fill our cafe counters. At the heart of our process is old world fermentation, and the heavy heat of a stone hearth. these techniques combined with the highest quality ingredients produce traditional french baked goods with great depth of flavor.

Persephone Bakery Coffee Sourcing


Jackson Hole based ‘Overview’ offers coffee produced exclusively by regenerative organic agriculture to help ensure the survival of our soils while creating income stability for farming communities. Our milk is supplied by a local family-owned dairy, and our unique syrups are rigorously sourced to offer exceptional flavorings made from the highest quality ingredients.

Persephone Bakery Food Fare Sourcing

Food Fare

We are devoted to sourcing wholesome, local ingredients to create food that tastes good and makes you feel good. We collaborate with over 20 farms, dairies and ranches to source sustainable, all natural ingredients; From honey and yogurt, to local greens and produce, to Poultry and beef our menus brim with the flora and fauna of our western region.

Local Baked Goods, From Way Out West