Our Story

Persephone began with Ali and Kevin Cohane. Amidst snowy ski seasons and alpine adventures, while working in restaurants to make the most of their time in the Tetons, a dream began rooting in the couple's consciousness. They had fallen in love with Jackson (and each other) and wanted to use their passions, science and design, to create something new in the community. After moving to study culinary arts in Paris, and then design in Chicago, Kevin and Ali moved back to the Tetons and opened a small wholesale production space. First were town square farmer's markets, then a brick and mortar a block away, and now with three Jackson Hole coffee shops and cafe's complimenting various parts of the valley, the Cohane's are grateful to be able to share the time-honored traditions of French pastry in the wild west of Wyoming.

Our Community

At Persephone Bakery, our connection to community is the foundation of our business. What we do would not be possible without the overflow of local support that greeted our first baguettes back in 2011. Persephone is a product of the supportive ethos coursing through this small corner of Wyoming. Persephone exists thanks to the devotion of our local patrons, who visit every day, who share their candid thoughts, who make our café a culture unto itself. To thank our loyal customers and recognize the good work they do in our valley, we donate our goods and our time to a host of nonprofits and events. Follow our charitable activity on facebook where we weekly post various local events in which Persephone participates. For more information on donations, and the organizations we support visit HERE.

Our Cafés & Cuisine

Our Jackson Hole coffee shops, inspired by bakeries in France and beyond, remain rooted in Wyoming, a local orientation expressed in our breakfast and lunch menus’ focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. The three cafes carry a core collection of classic artisanal breads as well as a spectrum of sweets, baked fresh every morning. As a scratch bakery, only selling items baked that day, we do sell out, so show up early or order on our app!

Our focused menu, highlights French favorites and Wyoming riffs, using only the best ingredients throughout. We source from over 20 local farms, ranches and dairies to create dishes with sustainable and fresh food from our region. (For a detailed look at our providers please visit HERE.) All cafes offer our breakfast menu all day, and lunch beginning after our morning bread delivery. Pastry lasts until it sells out and our kitchens close daily at 3pm.

Our Bread & Pastries

By employing old world fermentation techniques and baking with the heavy heat of a stone hearth, Persephone is able to produce rustic yet elegant breads and pastries with great depth of flavor. Our commitment to hand craftsmanship and high-quality ingredients produces product of the European tradition.

Our natural culture, populated by wild yeast unique to the region, is the heart of our breadmaking process. Leavened with this natural culture, our dough ferments slowly, developing subtle and complex flavors before it is shaped by hand, given ample time to rise, and ultimately baked directly on the stone hearth of our custom-made German deck oven. The oven’s tremendous thermal mass and steam injection system ensures a long hot bake creating loaves with a deeply caramelized crust, and a crumb suffused with the subtle flavors and transcendent aromas of roasted grain.

Equal attention is paid to our pastry and viennoiserie which are produced with the finest ingredients, hand formed, and then baked until golden brown. Our pastries exude decadence while maintaining a light and delicate structure. In both our bread and pastry creation we have found the fine balance of patience and precision that is a trademark of great baking. Our full line of bread and pastry are available daily at each of our Jackson Hole coffee shops and cafes.

Our Coffee

As in all aspects of Persephone, our beverage program focuses on quality and craftsmanship, highlighting our commitment to sustainable, real, and delicious ingredients. A leader in environmental stewardship, Jackson Hole based Overview Coffee offers beans produced exclusively by regenerative-organic agriculture to help ensure the survival of our soils while creating income stability for farming communities and contributing to the reversal of climate change. Our dairy is provided by Reed's, a family-owned farm to table operation with 250 Holstein cows, providing dairy that is produced & processed on-site & sold within hours of the cows being milked. While our drink additions are rigorously sourced to offer exceptional flavorings, often house-made, from ingredients like Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans, roasted hazelnuts, and pure single origin chocolate. Bellocq tea meticulously sources single-estate whole leaf teas producing organic herbal blends, assembled by hand.