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Guide to New Year's Brunch

Guide to New Year's Brunch

If the food's good, the new year will be too, right?

We're partial to brunch. A portmanteau of the words breakfast and lunch that originated in late 19th century England, this meal is typically served from late morning to early afternoon. We like to think we're cultivating consummate brunchers at our Café, serving breakfast until 3pm daily and encouraging pastry indulgence regardless of the time of day. 

When it comes to hosting brunch at home, we love it as an alternative to the traditional dinner party. It's conducive for all types of schedules...catch the late risers as they are on their way to the ski hill, or the families with young kiddos for their second meal of the day. Guests can stay for a quick hello or linger through the afternoon. Without the deadlines that come with darkness, brunch creates an atmosphere that is casual, relaxed and inclusive.

With New Year's Day around the corner, we're encouraging you to host brunch in your own home! Is it your first time? Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Make coffee part of the experience.

Start with great beans (that goes without saying!). Grind and brew fresh for your guests à la minute. Not only is it fun to share this usually personal preparation ritual with others, it's also a perfect time to let your inner coffee connoisseur shine.

Our picks: Intelligentsia Celebration Blend, Hario Burr Grinder, Hario V60 Coffee Dripper, Hario Olive Wood Coffee Server.

Keep your menu simple, but cover all the bases.

Brunch should be fun-not frantic-for you as the host/hostess. Anything to minimize zooming around the kitchen the morning-of we encourage. Keep your menu easy to execute. Our pre-order bake-at-home and brunch catering options, make it simple to build a menu that is your own.

What should be represented on your brunch spread?

Serve your favorites in each of these categories for surefire success. 

Up the Condiment Ante.

With a simple menu, tszuj up your spread with condiments. It's a low-impact way to show your personality. Have jam from your hometown? Serve it. Pick up honey from your travels? Serve it. See all of our favorite condiments and canned concoctions here.

Serve natural wines.

Brunch regularly involves some sort of alcoholic beverage. Bloody Marys and Mimosas are the classic stand-bys, but don't feel constrained to this category. We're a big proponent of serving natural wine which is lower in alcohol, making it a good day drinker (see our recommendations here).

If you want to keep things super simple, choose canned cocktails like Cutwater Spirits Bloody Mary or canned wines which we serve in the Café. The single-serving nature of cans makes it easy to accommodate drop-ins throughout the day.

Make it fun for the kiddos.

Hosting brunch is great because it is so inclusive. Friends and family with little ones are always welcome, so be prepared to entertain. Have the kids help bake your bake-at-home treats, or have a fun activity like our Gingerbread Tiny Home Kits to keep kids captivated.

Happy New Year! We hope you make hosting brunch regularly a resolution in 2018.