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It's National Hot Cocoa Day

It's National Hot Cocoa Day

News alert: today is National Hot Cocoa Day. Our Drinking Chocolate has been a long-time favorite in the café. So for this special day, we're sharing our insight to help you nail your hot chocolate at home. 

1) Start with amazing drinking chocolate. We're partial to our signature blend, which is comprised of three ingredients: dark chocolate, sugar and cocoa powder. We find that mixing equal parts hot chocolate mix with boiling water prior to adding in milk makes for a silky smooth consistency.

2) Pick a beautiful mug. You're probably not downing HC daily, so when you do, make it an experience. Select a mug that makes you feel special and go with it. We love these Ovo Stripped Ceramic Mugs. If you're planning to consume your beverage outdoors, our custom Persephone Enamel Mugs or Persephone Keep Cups are a functional choice.

3) Top with an absolutely decadent marshmallow. This is not a time to show restraint. Make a statement with your marshmallow...the bigger the better! If you're feeling classic, opt for vanilla. If you're feeling festive, go peppermint

4) It's okay to overload and spill. Again, this is an indulgence. Fill to the brim and enjoy with abandon.

 Photo credit: @krystasorgphoto