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Gifts for a Good Morning

Gifts for a Good Morning

We know something about mornings, in fact, they are our specialty. We're up before the sun rises, baking off fresh croissants and baguettes for the day, grinding coffee beans and helping many Jackson Hole locals or visitors make the most of their early days. 

When it comes to making an extra good morning – for yourself of someone you love – we have a few recommendations based off our favorite things. 

Intelligentsia Coffee – the Jackson Hole Blend from our favorite coffee roasting company is just what we need to jumpstart the day. Just seeing the vibrant red bag perks us right up!

Coffee Grinder – here's the deal: ceramic burrs do not transfer heat and shave the coffee bean versus cracking the bean like blade grinders. This process provides a more consistent grind that actually translates into better coffee. We promise the elbow grease is worth it. 

French Press – why not brew your morning cuppa in a beautiful vessel that is not only super functional (the thick ceramic body helps maintain a consistent temperature) but also a work of art?

Falcon Enamelware Mugs – we can't get enough of these guys. Beautiful enough to make their way into your morning coffee ritual; durable to head outdoors for camping season.

Travel Mug – our Persephone logo-ed Keep Cup is a Jackson Hole favorite and it's also been spotted by barista friends around the country which makes us happy!

Granola – it's our go-to for early morning adventures in the Tetons in a bowl with Greek Yogurt and fresh berries and also as a snack along the trail. Fuel your adventure. 

The above gifts are perfect for those get-up-and-go days, but may we also recommend this blanket for the cozy-into-bed weekend mornings...

Or finally, to make things super easy we've even compiled a few of our favorites into our GOOD MORNING GIFTBOX.