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Tricks: Halloween Décor, a Modern Take

Tricks: Halloween Décor, a Modern Take

When the weather turns and the leaves come down, we tingle with anticipation for decorative gourd season (that's right, we LOVE decorative gourd season). Ever on a quest for seasonal décor mastery, this year we’re pursuing a modern take on the typically garish Halloween trimmings. Here’s are a few tricks to modernize your approach.

1. Pick pumpkins in muted tones – We opt for white or green pumpkins for a subtle nod the traditional holiday classic. 

2. Moody linens – pull out your dark dish towels, table clothes and aprons you’ve had hiding all summer. Layering multiple dark tones helps build your moody vibe. (Below: French Linen Black Check Napkins)

3. Autumnal Arhoj – these hand-made vessels in an earthy finish scream autumn. Fill them with foraged leaves and grasses. (Below: Arhoj Grey Slurp Cups. Click here for more on visit to Arhoj Studios.)

4. Swap Candy for Cookies – upgrade your average candy bowl for a tray of our Halloween cookies. Spooky iterations include Gingerdead Men, Pumpkins and Ghosts