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Persephone x Anvil Gift Box Pop-up

Persephone x Anvil Gift Box Pop-up

Build the perfect gift with your own two hands! Well, sort of. Get all of the satisfaction of curating and embellishing the perfect gift without the hassle. 

Persephone Bakery and Anvil's Westerlind Mercantile are hosting a one-day-only gift box pop-up shop on Sunday, December 16 from 12pm-5pm.

There'll be boozy holiday beverages and treats to get you into the holiday spirit. Then, it's time to get to gifting.

Start with one of Persephone's Wooden gift boxes or Anvil's Apolois 'Jackson Hole' tote. Next, choose your contents from a wide variety of Persephone and Anvil Mercantile favorites (think Gingerbread Men, Christmas Coal, Glorietta gift cards, Coyuchi blankets, galore).

Once you've built the perfect gift, choose your ribbon and finishings. Oh, don't forget the handwritten note!

Once finished, you're free to take away or leave it to us to ship to the recipient. We hope you'll join us Sunday, December 16!