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Oscar Pop-up!

Oscar Pop-up!

The movies make us hungry… for popcorn. No matter the genre we are slated to see, we step foot inside the theater and beeline for the incandescent counter. With a buttery bowl in our lap, we are ready for everything Hollywood tries to throw at us.

So with the ultimate movie night upon us – the Oscars – we encourage you to throw a viewing party slash popcorn tasting. All you need to round out the festivities is a champagne topped cocktail (like this Negroni Sbagliato from our friends at W&P) or an old-fashioned bottled Cokes. May the most flavorful movie and recipe win. 

Pop-up for the Oscars

The Nominees:

Paprika + Pasolivo Tangerine Olive Oil: 
Hailing from the Central Coast of California, Pasolivo makes olive oil infused with oh-so-fresh flavors. The tartness of the tangerine oil complements the smokey notes of the paprika.

Persephone Caramel Sauce + Sea Salt: 
What doesn’t taste better drizzled in caramel sauce?

Movie Candy Popcorn (inspired by Honestly Yum):
Get past the gimmick and see the genius of mixing plain popcorn with movie-theater candy (chocolate varietals work best like mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups). Glue it together with some salt.

Angostura Bitters-Glazed Popcorn:
A glaze of butter, sugar, salt, cinnamon and bitters drizzled over popcorn, then baked briefly – sweetly unique. Keep whiskey handy in case this makes you crave a cocktail.

Tipsy Maple Corn:
Cracker Jacks on crack. This recipe incorporates all our favorite food groups: Maple syrup, popcorn, cured pork, butter, peanuts and whiskey. Mix it all together and get a crispy, salty-sweet concoction sure to please even the staunchest popcorn purest.


Supporting Roles:

Louise Copper Bowls:
With a flash of "gold" (ok, copper) these bowls make for the perfect popcorn vessel for the event.

Marble and Brass Wine Chiller:
For keeping champagne chilled and at the ready to top off your 
Negroni Sbagliato.

Coyuchi Blanket:
In case your guest list exceeds your regular seating capacity, the wool blanket doubles as a landing zone for impromptu floor seating.

Marble Lidded Box:
The perfect accessory for sea salt for any additional seasoning.

 You decide the winner!