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Dinner for Two

Dinner for Two

Love is in the air...or at least the cultural facsimile of love in the form of heart shaped everything and pink/red-galore. How does one celebrate romance and resist the naturally occurring cynicism that now accompanies all holidays? 

St. Valentine's Day has been celebrated in Europe for centuries and at its core, it is about acknowledging love with simple acts of devotion — often through writing anonymous love letters, but we also firmly believe that the way to a person's heart is through a simple, but satisfying meal. Cooking is quite an act of devotion (particularly if you aren't a natural chef) but luckily we're here to help with tips for a romantic Dinner for Two

Set the Scene — no need to beg and plead for a last minute restaurant reservation when you can make any abode romantic with the sole addition of candlelight. We love tall tapered beeswax candles paired with lots of votives on the table. Don't have a dining table? A coffee table might even be more lovely, especially if next to a roaring fire. Put away distractions (no Olympics or Instagram for the evening) and get ready to stare into your lover's eyes over flickering flames. 

Pop the Bubbles — our pick to start dinner (and cook along with) is a Pét-Nat. Now much more available than ever before, you can pick one up at any good wine shop. Our favorite for Valentine's Day would have to be the Lambrusco Rosé version from Podere il Saliceto (Modena, IT 2014) that we serve at Persephone. It's pink, bubbly, and well balanced to begin the evening.

Prepare Dinner — we're taking a cue from the New York Times for a simple, yet satisfying (and perhaps magical?) meat and potatoes dinner. Find the recipe online but make sure to visit our friends at Sweetcheeks Meats to select the cut of meat and to coach you through any last minute preparation jitters. 

A Sweet Ending — dessert is what we do. No need to rush back into the kitchen for a last minute flambé, just pre-order a Chocolate Heart Bundt Cake or pick up a selection of sweet treats (we have macarons, cookies, and truffles in the Café all week) and cozy in for the evening.