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Ode to Iced

Ode to Iced

Nothing soothes a sultry summer day quite like a teeming tumbler of iced coffee. And with the return of Intelligentsia’s Summer Solstice blend – a refreshing medley mixing ripe cherries with zesty lime – we intend to stretch out our caffeinated chill well into September. To keep our kitchen cuppas creative, we recommend experimenting with these cool variations on cold joe (from ever-inspiring Food52):

Ode to Iced

Magic Coffee
Steep a concoction of ground coffee, dark brown sugar and cinnamon overnight and add cream in the morning. Let the magic begin (your day).

One-Step, No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream
With four ingredients and one step, this recipe is as easy as it is creamy good. We sub the instant espresso powder and espresso liqueur with equal parts strong brewed coffee. And then drop a scoop into a pint of chocolate stout.

Iced Coffee with Bourbon Whipped Cream
Sure, the chicory coffee and cane sugar sound delightful, but we only had eyes for the bourbon whipped cream – a dollop will do you all day long!

Coffee Cardamom Ice Pops
The perfect afternoon pick-me-up for adults dreaming of their beachside childhoods.

Cold Brew Coffee Smoothie
Combine two morning liquid routines into one with this coffee smoothie. We love the surprise ingredient: Avocado.

Plums in Brandied Coffee Syrup
Up the ante of summer fruit by simmering prune plums in a bath of brandy, sugar, vanilla and coffee – a syrupy sensation we serve chilled.


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