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Add a Little Tomato Jam into your Repertoire

Add a Little Tomato Jam into your Repertoire

persephone bakery tomato jam

Sweet? Savory? Spicy? Many people ask, what exactly is Persephone's Tomato Jam? 

Developed for our original BKR (bacon, kale, ricotta) sandwich (now the BCR, we switched to chard for the summer!), tomato jam is a savory condiment that makes for the perfect, tangy sandwich spread.

Best thing about our tomato jam? It's super versatile. Here are a few ways we use it at home in our own kitchen.

Cheese Boards:   Spice up the old cheese and fruit jam routine by subbing in tomato jam. It pairs beautifully with goat cheese or ricotta.

Eggs:  Scrambled? Fried? Top with a scoop of tomato jam. It will make your heart sing. If soft boiled or over-easy strike your fancy, try spreading a piece of toast with tomato jam and then using it as a vessel to scoop up the gooey egg yolks.

Sandos:  Even if you're not whipping up a BKR at home (though, we highly recommend it!), use tomato jam where you might use mayo or mustard.

Most importantly, have fun! Show us how you use tomato jam #persephonesupply

BUY TOMATO JAM ONLINE or at Persephone Bakery in Jackson Hole. 

persephone bakery tomato jam