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Buzzing bees seem to be the soundtrack to fall picnics, and fittingly, a lot of buzz surrounds the opening of our second café, Picnic. To buck the buzz (and bees), we’re giving you the scoop on Picnic, an American-style café that translates the communion of summer into a year-round community concept. Picnic will open mid-October in the ground floor of 1105 Maple Way. Serving breakfast and lunch, the café will be distinctly different than its East Jackson kin. Unlike the French traditionalism of Persephone, Picnic is defined by creativity – in coffee making, in menu offerings. The baked array will include quick breads – think sticky buns, brownies, biscuits – and a wide toast menu. Coffee will be taken seriously with cold brew on nitro tap and a single-cup, single-origin brewing system. A grab-and-go case will stock premade salads, sandwiches and puddings (prime for picnics).

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On the aesthetic front, Picnic will be bold in its design. Working again with architect Nona Yehia of E/YE Design, we have created a more modern, graphic ambiance with hints of whimsy – expressed in an interplay of textures (live-edge wood bar, brass tabletops, ceramic cloud lights). Outdoorsy elements will seep into the space in the form of a wall papered in a hand-drawn forest and an installation of Paul Villinksi butterflies from Tayloe Piggott Gallery. Ever subtle, Western notes include a denim wall and sage-green enameled sconces.

We imagine Picnic as a place for locals, a place where Jackson residents can be guaranteed a great cup of coffee, a chic nook to read in and a fast meal if they’re on the move. We see Picnic as a place for all in all seasons.