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As American As

As American As

In our humble, “unbiased” opinion, every autumn party should include a pie. The quintessential crowd pleaser, a pie hits all the high points of fall flavors from crisp apples to plump cherries, buttery pecans to earthy pumpkin.

With holiday feasts fast approaching, we wanted to prod people to give pies by packaging them with panache. Chewing the Cudby Maika Goods, a line of reusable gift wraps by Bay Area designer Viola Sutanto, features fun patterns printed with soy-based inks on 100% organic cotton squares (“Live each day delightfully,” says the company tagline).

With this heartfelt ethos in mind, every print weaves in a message of gratitude along the border; for Thanksgiving, we stocked up on the “Give Thanks” designs, but “Give Luck” and “Give Love” are also available. To wrap a pie, place the plate in the center of the square and tie opposite ends together. The resulting bow lends festive flare to any holiday table, while also channeling the whimsy of a napkin at the ready.

Similarly eco-minded, the PieBox solves the age-old problem of pie delicacy, a dilemma Adrienne Blumthal faced often while in pastry school in Chicago. To solve the crumbly situation, Blumthal designed a wooden pastry carrier, handcrafted in the Windy City, that protects pies during transportation.

Simple in design and sturdy in structure, the PieBox fits as cargo on bikes or in backseats. When given as gifts, pies emerge from the unfinished pine crates as perfect as they did from the oven.

With our pie menu poised for posting next week, we encourage you to place your orders early (all of the classics will be on offer). And let us package them for you – because reusable containers are now as American as apple pie.