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A Seperate Piece

A Seperate Piece

So much of Thanksgiving is ineffable: the cozy kinship, the effusive gratitude, the full-belly contentment. Thank goodness, amid the indescribable, there’s pie – definitive, devisable pie.

During our two week staycation, we schemed a slew of surprises for this holiday season (stay tuned), yet for Thanksgiving, we humbly defer to tradition and deliver the classics: pies primes for giving in your favorite flavors – bourbon pecan, cherry cardamom, caramel apple crumble, and of course, the quintessential pumpkin pie.
All priced at $25 and ready to order in advance for pick-up whenever you please – up to the minute we close the café at 5pm next Wednesday, November 26.

For those of you keen to concoct your own fillings, we will be selling frozen pie crusts for $5 a pop (we make ours with European butter).

Or for those of you who will be guests next Thursday, package your Persephone pie as a present in a pine PieBox – an indestructible, design-driven invention handcrafted in Chicago – or bundle it up in a festively-printed, reusable-cotton, Give Thanks gift wrap by Chewing the Cud. We stocked up both to be sure our pies arrived in style as the perfect hostess gift.

Speaking of sweet gifts, try our new pâte de fruits, bite-size cubes of fruit jelly flavored for the season with cranberry hibiscus.  Bon Appetit just went bananas for these French confections.

Be it a pie in a box or fruit in a cube, we hope to help make your Thanksgiving merry with sweet treats to share around the turkey table.