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6 Tips on Gift Wrapping

6 Tips on Gift Wrapping

No matter the holiday or special occasion, we are firm believers in bringing in beauty to the wrapped gift itself. A beautifully wrapped present is a true luxury, particularly in the era of online gift cards and disposable goods. We have compiled a set of recommendations, based on our experience gifting in the Café and in our own home, to help guide you in the pursuit of a memorable presentation.  

1. Stay Simple — no one really wants (or needs) 13 rolls of wrapping paper falling out of a closet, do they? Unless you are a professional wrapper with a Santa station fully equipped with wrapping paper holders, we recommend sticking with one solid color (like kraft paper) and one seasonal, patterned roll. Insider tip: if you're over the pattern (or it's no longer Christmas), just flip it over and use the white underside for the most simple starting point.
2. Try Furoshiki — the Japanese art of fabric wrapping has become quite popular in the states and we too are big fans. Not only an elegant presentation but wrapping a linen square (or tea towel) is also eco-friendly – no waste here, when you can reuse the fabric piece – and terrific for odd-shaped gifts. The perfect solution to wrapping your pie plate, bottle of wine, or jar of Persephone Strawberry Jam

We also love products that come complete with their own encasement, like these Japanese-made Chambray Gauze Blankets that come snuggled in a custom fabric wrap. Just add pretty ribbon and tuck in a piece of greenery (see tip #4) for a finished look.

3. Buy Twine in Bulk — we love the classic look of baker's twine and its multifunctionality. You'll find us trussing up roasts with it in our kitchen as well as wrapping up every package that leaves the Café. One of the large spools will get you through many holiday seasons.

4. Bring in Nature — now that you have a simple palette (kraft paper, linen tea towel, black and white twine), head outside and gather a small clipping of greenery, dried flowers, or winter berries. Tucked into ribbon, the dose of nature will add color, texture and maybe even an aroma, so suddenly your gift becomes a full sensory experience.
5. Have the Right Tools — invest in a good pair of sharp scissors, stock up on satin tape AND double-sided tape (since they both serve different functions) and make sure your wrapping station is setup before you get started. We recommend pouring yourself a hot toddy or mulled cider if you're planning on wrapping more than one gift ;) 

6. Make it Personal — don't underestimate the importance of a thoughtful note or card to accompany your gift. Your recipient needs to know who to thank and you need to tell them why you're gifting. Hopefully it's because they are loved and appreciated!