Head Chef



Persephone Bakery is looking for an experienced, creative and hard working executive chef who can elevate the quality, and consistency of the food at all three of our café locations. The chef would be responsible for the oversight and leadership in all three kitchens, including menu development, prep organization, and plating presentation. The executive chef will monitor the daily operations (including ordering, cleaning, rotating stock, inventory, maintaining health safety standards etc).

The position would involve developing seasonal menus twice yearly that maintain the core classic dishes while introducing trending dishes in the style of each location, for the remaining menu. We are looking for a chef who is comfortable working with a variety of vendors to source local, and sustainable product, while finding the balance between exceptional quality and a price point appropriate for a high-end cafe service. The exec chef position will monitor and maintain appropriate food cost goals for all menu items.

In addition to all major kitchen operations, the Head Chef would recruit, hire and train kitchen managers for all three locations, and be responsible for maintaining appropriate labor numbers on a daily, weekly and monthly basis keeping in mind changing levels of seasonal business. The exec chef will also maintain kitchen equipment, and ensure the employees best practice when using all equipment. This position will work closely with the general manager of three locations, Jesse West. It would be a constant collaboration between the two positions so kitchen operations align with the greater goals of the business.


401K, Insurance, Paid Vacation,