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Tea Time

Tea Time

When was the last time you had a tea party?
If you hesitated to remember, it’s been far too long. Tea parties, in our humble opinion, should be regular affairs, not restricted to afternoons: When mornings dawn below zero, an early tea party makes for a festive start to the day. Or if midday finds you in need of a refresher, try a green tea blend, a drinkable breath of fresh air. As Alice Walker once said, “Tea to the English is really a picnic indoors.”  We welcome tea picnics inside Persephone.

For inspiration, we offer pairings of our pastries and our teas, sourced from Bellocq Tea Atelier, an artisanal line of handcrafted teas blended in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Teas + Treats

Breakfast Blend + Cinnamon Brioche

A smooth start to the day with toasted notes of honey, malt and a hint of leather.  A classic, it pairs well with our own classic – cinnamon brioche.

Milk Oolong + Morning Glory Muffin

As aromatic as it is delicious, this floral blend layers fragrant orchid and honey atop a buttery base. This creamy tea complements our Morning Glory Muffin and its rich mix of banana, coconut, apricot, flax and oats.

Majorelle Mint + Chocolate Walnut Cookie

This classic Moroccan mint tea, with a twist of citrus, goes well with our gluten-free chocolate walnut cookie, a molten morsel mixing dark chocolate and toasted walnut.

Ashram Afternoon + Ginger Cookies

Herbal chai meets its match in our ginger cookies, treats with a kick that bring out the spices in Ashram Afternoon.