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Slice of the Month

Slice of the Month

February, that polyglot of a month, packs a lot of different personalities into only 28 days, from the winter respite of President’s Day to the saccharine saturation of Valentine’s Day, from the revelry of Mardi Gras to the sacrifice of Lent. And now, add this to the mix (new to us): February is Great American Pie Month.

Pies, like February, have so many faces: classic apple, summery Strawberry Rhubarb, rich Pecan. Even though we showcase pies at certain times of the year, we feel strongly that pie should be part of our everyday lexicon of treats (“Nobody puts Baby in the corner”). As such, we bake a daily selection of seasonal tarts or essentially open-faced pies.  Our Frangipane Tart layers seasonal fruits atop decadent almond pastry cream, all baked into our handmade shells. Winter finds us inspired by cherries; our Cherry Brown Butter Tart pairs the cherries’ sharp notes with the round sweetness of a light brown butter custard. All of our tarts are available by the slice or as whole desserts. We also create a daily selection of four-inch tartlettes from Lemon Meringue to Nutella.


Tarts, works of art in their own right, deserve proper presentation. With the big reveal in mind, we stock a selection of mix-and-match cake pedestals from Rosanna Décor: the tall Bob Bon, pastel pink with a scalloped rim; the small scalloped stand, classic and white; and the fluted large pedestal, with a graceful rim.


Pie panache crescendos with an eclectic pie server: ours are vintage silver-plated pieces, each one unique in its design, size and patina. With such a special server, there’s no need for the proverbial finger in the pie.