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Lemons & Parsley: Part 2

Lemons & Parsley: Part 2

A pop-up restaurant is ultimately an experiment, a test of concept and taste buds. For us, Lemons & Parsley began as a natural extension of our ongoing efforts to cultivate a creative community around artisanal food, an initial idea that grew into a celebration of our friend Nona Yehia’s Lebanese heritage. The two-day event tested us on all levels: culinary, logistical, spatial. In the end, the community we’ve always hoped to create appeared to make Lemons & Parsley possible.

For all of those who rallied together to realize Nona’s vision, we offer our endless thanks: Nathan Wallace Adams, Oona Doherty, Abbie Filanowski, Amanda Flosbach, Amelia Goff, Fluffy Gonzalez, Hannah Hardaway, Brooke Harris, Chuy Hernandez, Catherine Holland, Penny Mcbride, Jason Mitchell, Katy Niner, Merlin Olsen, Sam Petri, Jeff Stein, and Mark Sullivan. You all made our first foray into the pop-up realm a smashing success.

For those of you who missed the magic, we wanted to share some photos from the evening. You can also read about the dinners in Pop-Up Panache, a fabulous JH Weekly article by Robyn Vincent.

Before guests arrived, our own multi-talented Chuy Hernandez snapped some photos of the table setting and décor.

Our sign, visible through the ghostly-chic lights.

The Lemons & Parsley menu in an herbaceous habitat.

The table setting paired Lebanese motifs with fresh flowers and fruit.

Guests began to arrive, among them talented Jackson-based photographer Hannah Hardaway. She shared the following photographs from Saturday.

A close-up of the table chock-full of mezza.

Tabouleh: parsley salad with bulgar.

The pièce de résistance of the evening: Samakeh Bi Banadora, or whole red snapper stuffed with tomatoes and parsley.

A guest deboning the snapper, tableside.

Chef Nona Yehia, all business.

With darkness came magic, thanks to the lighting design of Jeff Stein.