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Insider's Guide to the Locals Line

Insider's Guide to the Locals Line

Persephone Bakery Locals Line

Skip the wait with Persephone Bakery’s Locals Line. Enjoy more time in Jackson Hole.

We know that sometimes locals just want to grab their java and go. The crowds in Jackson Hole in the summertime can be plentiful, and the line wrapping outside the front door of Persephone Bakery can be a deterrent when you’re on the go.

Wait no more! We have adopted an online ordering system and app that allows you to order and pay online ahead of time and pickup at the Locals Line window located just beyond our side deck.

We know, this is very exciting. To give you the best Locals Line experience, we assembled an insider’s guide to help you navigate the Locals Line like a pro.

Locals Line How To:

  • Download the Locals Line app
  • Or, if you prefer, we have an online order form
  • Place your order and pay ahead of time
  • Pick up your order from the Locals Line window located just beyond our deck


  • Download the app and save your info for quick, mobile ordering
  • Snap some shots of your epic pickups and tag #persephonelocalsline
  • Coffee and pastries are the only items available at the Locals Line
  • If you’d like to order kitchen menu items, please use the main café over the counter line (don’t worry, food ordering is coming soon!!)
  • The Locals Line window is a pickup window only
  • Window hours are 7am-3pm daily
  • You can place orders in advance and schedule future pickup times