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Herbs de Persephone

Herbs de Persephone

With porch season in full bloom, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the floral designer who colors the café in shades of green.

Vanessa Flory of Fleur de V creates vignettes teeming with texture: this winter, she peppered our window sills with succulents in eclectic containers, a fun and funky interpretation of floral decor that belies the long-lasting utility of cactuses. And post-Christmas, she continued the wreath theme by weaving an asymmetrical halo of succulents for our big west window.

Riffing off of our vision for the café, Vanessa decided to channel the French countryside this summer, transplanting our porch to Provence where herbs grow wild and free. She filled metal troughs with savory stems – thyme, sage, multiple mints, dill and parsley – and tucked lavender inside ceramic vases. Go ahead, pick a leaf or two and float them in your drink: a few lavender leaves are the perfect accent for our white peach lemonade.

But we digress: back to Fleur de V. In every garden she plants, Vanessa wants her beds to look established from the get-go. When advising friends, she tells them to buy three times as many plants as they think they’ll need. “For me, more is best,” she said. “You want it to be spilling over.”

A Vermont native, Vanessa grew up playing in her family’s gardens, and now, as a Jacksonite, she cultivates her patch of Wyoming soil with care and creativity, and looks for floral inspiration on her travels around the world. Self-taught, she combines elements from nature into wild and moody moments. Sourcing straight from farms, she researches the best blooms, berries and vines to articulate her clients’ ideas. Through Fleur de V, she designs floral decor and styles events for a variety of private clients, tailoring every installation to each client’s needs, whether a business, home or wedding. To bring her floral genius into your world, contact her at or (307) 690-8440, or visit her