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Guide to the Fourth

Guide to the Fourth

Parade season is upon us, and considering our prime placement along the Town Square route, we have become connoisseurs of parade procedure (not to mention parade pit stopping). With a bit of strategy, the Fourth fanfare can be fun for all. 

Rise and Shine

Because the procession starts at 10am, we suggest showing up at least an hour before to claim a frontline spot—primo seats on our porch get gobbled up early, but foldable chairs set just below on the boardwalk work too.

 Go Mobile

With your seat secured, bypass the coffee queue by using the Local’s Line app to place your order. Once ready, you can dash over to the side window to claim your breakfast.


In spite of the steady stimulation, parades can drag a bit at times, so why not make a bingo game out of it. A simple grid filled with standby characters—think cowboy, horse, old car, waving politician—enlivens those dull moments.

Stay Hydrated

The Fourth is a marathon, not a sprint, so don’t let the cool Wyoming air fool you into thinking you can sustain a steady social pace without water involved. We will have coolers of ice cold H20 out for all to enjoy. And we consider mimosas a healthy part of holiday hydration.

Wax On

Like dehydration, the sun sneaks up on you in these parts, crisping shoulders, noses and foreheads. Ladle on the sunscreen and sport hats with brims, a particularly important instinct for the youngins.

Cool Down/Stock Up

When the parade starts to wind down, beeline for some body of water. A dip in Flat Creek sets you in good stead for the rest of the (party/holi)day. Another way to refresh yourself for the parade of celebrating to come: A Persephone salad for lunch. And while at it, stock up on our Star Cookies so as not to arrive empty-handed to your afternoon barbecue.