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Fourth Unfurled

Fourth Unfurled

Patriotism makes us think of picnics: of flinging open a blanket on a grassy slope, of plopping down and popping open Tupperwares filled with fresh goodies, of uncorking bottle of pink bubbly and toasting our lucky happiness. With July Fourth only days away, we offer our homage to the most understated yet essential element of a picnic: The blanket. (White pants don’t do well on the ground.) Be sure to pack one of these pretties:


Coyuchi Wool Blanket – available at Persephone

Cozy, dense, durable: Coyuchi’s striped blanket is woven from the woolens of burly sheep pastured in Canada. The blankets’ heirloom style is defined by three slim stripes on the top and bottom bordered by whipstitching. Post picnic, toss the blanket in the washing machine (cold, delicate cycle) and dry flat.


Wyoming Flag Blanket – available at Mountain Dandy

Our friends at Mountain Dandy custom designed this throw from an American maker who uses all organic, recycled cotton materials. What’s more, the bison blanket is machine washable and dryable. A picnic dream come true!

 Fourth Unfurled Persephone Bakery

ace&jig Patched Quilts – available at ace&jig

Instead of tossing the scraps of custom fabrics created during their clothing production process, ace&jig gathers the bits and bobs from the cutting room floor and patches together quilts – “less waste, more love to go around.” A medley of buoyant patterns backed by punch fabric, the quilts are cheerful and fashionable.

Fourth Unfurled

Pendleton National Park Blankets – available at Pendleton

For more than a century, Pendleton Woolen Mills has honored America’s National Parks with a small collection of blankets unique to a handful of parks with distinct colorbands and badges; Yellowstone, for instance, is golden with crimson and navy stripes. Made from a 100% pure virgin wool, the blankets testify to the good times experienced outside in public parks.

Fourth Unfurled