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Flying Colors

Flying Colors

Perhaps you’ve noticed, our as-per-usual palette is rather subtle slash Scandinavian: tonal greys, cool blues, light woods, flecked whites. In the full flush of summer, we find ourselves channeling standouts of the season into colorful café shelves. Not surprisingly, our favorite sun-soaked shades are also some of our favorite sun-ripened flavors (ever appetite-driven), and translate beautiful into pops of color on plates and in glasses. Beyond pleasing our palates/palettes, certain hues can boost moods. So color us happy!


The minty hue of our new made-in-the-USA enamelware line makes us want to while away our days pouring pitchers of lemonade. Recalling vintage designs, navy rims the sprig-like shade, expressed in a spectrum of staple silhouettes. Whether beckoned to the bowl, dessert pot or mug, every piece in the line promises campfire fun. What’s more, green is a soothing shade, most often associated with optimism and feelings of clean freshness. It’s easy being green.


It’s tough not to smile in the presence of Studio Arhoj’s ceramic cups and bowls: Recalling the joy of a melting ice cream cone, each vessel drips with glaze in a rainbow-sherbet array of vivid shades. Meant to be mixed and match, the cups and bowls add whimsy to tables and displays. We find them to be particularly fun when filled with a bobbing ladle of sangria.


From wake-me-up rows of Intelligentsia coffee bag to water-cooler stacks of fiery Falcon tumblers, tomato red has long been our accent color of choice. No wonder for a café focused on refreshment: Red is a proven energizer (one British study found red-clay Olympians beat out their blue-bedecked opponents). And now our menu reflects our affinity with bumble bee tomatoes grown by Vertical Harvest featured in our Panzanella salad—beautiful morsels that perfectly reflect our consistent color story.