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Cut to the Cake

Cut to the Cake

It’s the start of wedding cakes season and with so many unique options out there we want to help boil it down to a few great ideas…

At Persephone we welcome creative takes on wedding cakes, like the one featured in the inaugural issue of Rocky Mountain Bride Wyoming. The entire wedding drew inspiration from hot air balloons, so we did as well. To echo the clouds you see from a balloon, we encircled the two-tiered cake in an ombre pattern of cream to blue macarons, a decorative approach that felt at once modern and fluffy. Inside, the eight layers of cake mimicked a balloon’s rainbow panels. All in all, this cake epitomized the creative conversation we hope to have with couples: the bride came to us with an imaginative idea, which we then interpreted with care and creativity into edible art.

To help inspire our brides’ imaginations, we’ve listed some sweet trends for cakes this year!

What’s on the Inside Counts:

Enliven cake layers with color. For the aforementioned Hot Air Balloon wedding, we created rainbow layers in eight bold hues pulled from balloon panels.

The More the Merrier:
Instead of one large cake, pick multiple smaller cakes. An array of sweet offerings dazzles guests’ eyes and appetites.

Size Matters:
Give your guests bite-size choices with a cornucopia of cupcakes, displayed in tiers to emulate their layered relatives.

Garden Variety:
Decorate your cake with blooms that complement your palette. Fresh flowers channel the beauty of a lush garden.

Au Naturale:
For a natural aesthetic, forget outer icing and let the cake layers shine through. To complete the look, top with fresh flowers or fruit.

Be Bold:
The all-white creed need not apply to cakes. Make the dessert a focal point by using bright colors and bold patterns.