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Contain your Eggcitement

Contain your Eggcitement

You know somebunny loves you when they give you a creative gift. So with Easter only a hop-skip away, why not approach the proverbial basket and hunt with some flare? 

• Cast the basket as part of the present
Our glazed ceramic berry baskets can become a glossy backdrop for a bushel of itty-bitty gifts. Cake bunting, cupcake flags and sparklers or sparklettes make for lasting fun. Keen to recycle? Decorated cardboard boxes or paper lawn bags also work as stand-in baskets when painted. 

• Ditch candy for pastries
Opt out of high-fructose corn syrup in favor of real sugar by filling your Easter basket with goodies from Persephone. Our pastel-pretty macarons and bite-size chocolate walnut cookies appeal to all sweet teeth.

• Make the eggs the focus
Cast the holiday as an eggsibition. Let your kids fall down the rabbit hole of DIY egg decorating by stocking up on materials: markers to make mustachioed or note-toting eggs, patterned tapes for stripes, twine and buds to create precious egg-packages, and nail polish for full-on flare. Then display the eggs in all their glory with labels featuring title and artist.

• Prolong the hunt fun
Stretch the hunt into a more fulsome affair by reconsidering the rules of play. Stage it at twilight on Easter Eve with glow-in-the-dark eggs that can only be found with flashlight precision. Or make it into a scavenger hunt with clues tucked inside plastic eggs, directing troops to their baskets’ hideout.

After all of the eggcitement, be sure to carve out some time on Sunday to lounge in the spring sun.