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A Persephone Exclusive: Hand-drawn Tea Towels by Lisa Walker

A Persephone Exclusive: Hand-drawn Tea Towels by Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker begins her designs with drawings, often aided by her 4-year-old son, Nico. Doodling together on 4×4 squares, Nico often dips into his mom’s discard pile, drawing atop marks she didn’t like. “This is better!” he’ll say triumphantly.

A collaboration of a different sort led to the tea towels decorating Persephone’s windows and shelves. Lisa approached us with her first line of towels, and we liked them so much, we asked her to make two custom designs for Persephone.

A lot of drawing ensued, in her sketchbook, on squares. “I tried to explore every possibility that I was interested in,” Lisa said. More than a dozen hand-drawn patterns poured forth.  It was difficult to choose our favorites.

But we did, et viola: a limited-edition pair of black-and-white towels, screenprinted on 100% cotton, sold in sets of 4 for $40. Measuring 13×20, they double as tea towels or napkins. The two designs are distinct yet chummy: one features ticking along a line while the other finds triangles parading across a grid. Why not buy both and set your next dinner party with them?

On your way in, take a closer look at the windows. Lisa’s drawings lace both panes, while the napkins dangle in one window, and a flag flies in the other that she made from imperfect prints.  Charmed by storefront displays (in person and on Pintrest), Lisa is delighted to launch her Persephone designs with window installations.

Lisa’s limited-edition napkins are the first in a series of custom-to-Persephone supplies by Teton artists. Stay tuned for more.

And be sure to follow Lisa’s latest creations at With a BFA in graphic design from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA, she has a wide portfolio spanning print, branding and web design. Through Lisa Walker Handmade, she has designed fashionable goods including waxed canvas totes and hand-stamped clutches with recycled suede. She’s thrilled to be moving toward textiles as a way to fully realize her designs. “Once you design your own fabric and apply it to different things, it seals it: that is 100% my vision.”

We can’t wait to see the direction her (and Nico’s) designs will go.