Head over Paws

Could Cupid be canine? We think so, considering all of the love we receive from our shaggy sidekicks. Our dogs don’t lease their affection to a lone calendar day; they greet us with wags all year-round. And we’re not alone in our Cupid theory: according to a global poll of 24,000 people in 23 countries (conducted by Reuters/Ipsos), one in five people would rather spend Valentine’s Day with their pet than their partner. Beyond unconditional love, Petfinder has offered us a Top 10 list of further reasons why Fido makes the perfect Valentine:

1. Dogs don’t talk.
2. Crating a mouthy dog is not frowned upon; not so with grumpy partners.
3. Dog slobber is cute, as opposed to drooly dates.
4. You shouldn’t share your chocolate V-day dessert—the best part of the whole affair—with your dog; it’ll make them sick. So gobble the goodness in peace.
5. Dogs won’t judge—with puppy eyes—if you don’t come up with a special, extravagant itinerary for the evening. A simple game of chuck-it will do.
6. A dog following you around is the best. A tag-along date is less endearing.
7. Dogs don’t care if you shower or gussy up, if you were stilettos or slippers. No Spanx required to make your pup swoon.
8. You’ll never want to scheme an excuse to not hang out with your dog.
9. Pup snuggles are tops; human snuggles are pretty good too, but nothing beats a furry one grumbling a sigh into your neck.
10. Did we mention dogs don’t talk?