C is for Christmas Cookie

cookie box resize

Cookie Monster has changed his tune: no more “me eat cookie” all day, every day. Now, he speaks of his favorite food group as “a sometime snack”—a healthy evolution we enthusiastically support. Except, of course, come Christmas, when even the shaggy sir would agree: Cookies should be consumed at a clip in keeping with the speedy delivery of delectable gifts.

Casting ourselves in the role of sweet Santa, we are wrapping our holiday cookies into festive packages that can be shipped (in a wooden or tin keepsake carrier) or distributed more locally (in a beautiful bow-topped tray). Our cookie trays come in medium (approximately three dozen assorted cookies) and large (some 5 dozen)—note the absence of small, a silly concept when it comes to cookies. As a substitute for a petite tray, we sourced reusable wooden caddies (sturdy enough to ship!) and filled them with four different types of cookies, from our classic chocolate chip walnut cookie (CM’s favorite) to our take on an oatmeal cookie with toasted oats, tart cranberries and toffee chunks and two new additions special for the season—chocolate pistachio sable with white chocolate drizzle and dark chocolate dipped raspberry linzers. Place your order sooner rather than later (as in, please avoid a Christmas Eve panic).

While not the gambling kind, we bet very few of our cookies will make their way to the cookie jar this Christmas, making for a heist-free holiday for all. Order Online Here.